Biography of Bill and Lorri Martin- Bill and Lorri were married on June 17, 1989. They have three sons. William, Daniel, and Drew. Bill was born in 1962 and raised in a part of Essex County, NJ known as the “Pizza Triangle” He lived there except for the three years he attended East Stroudsburg College. He graduated Bloomfield HS in 1980 and Montclair State College in 1986. He met Lorri when they were both working for an Appliance company called Trader Horn where Bill was the customer service manager and Lorri was a cashier at the store in Brooklyn. After a quick courtship, they married in 1989. Their first son, William was born in 1992. In 1993 they moved to a house in Nutley, NJ where in 1995 Daniel was born. In 2000 Drew was born. Bill has worked various wholesale and retail jobs and even for a short time worked as a recruiter. His greatest accomplishments in business occurred while operating a retail store for Anthony & Sylvan Pools where he increased net sales from 250,000.00 in 1991 to 1,000,000 his last year working in the store. In 2000 he accepted a position as construction manager for the same company. After 3 years of that, he decided to try a different challenge and went to work for the not yet opened IKEA in Paramus, NJ. In 2003 he worked as an assistant customer service manager, then an assistant sales manager in the bedrooms dept. the manager of the kid’s dept. and finally the manager of Work IKEA. In August of 2014, it became apparent that his health would not allow him to work any longer in retail and he went on disability, which in August of 2015 became permanent. Also that month the family left the home they had been in for 22 years and moved to Reading, Pa. After they were married Lorri moved in with Bill in his apartment in Belleville, NJ. She went to work as an assistant activities director at an old age home in Bloomfield called Job Haines. It was here that her love of arts and crafts began as she ran many arts and crafts programs for the seniors living there. She left after the birth of her first son. Late in 1993, she went to work as a cashier at A&P food stores. She stayed there until her second son was born. But all the while she made arts and crafts which were sold at fairs. She took some time off to raise the children, worked as a babysitter and in a bakery until she got pregnant with her third child Drew. Not long after Drew’s birth, an opportunity came to again work with seniors and arts and crafts. The Montclair Red Cross ran a weekly meeting of the L-Club. It had been in existence since the Civil War and the only requirement was you had to be over 50. Here she planned activities and helped the seniors do arts and crafts. She enjoyed it very much. Then in 2009, an opportunity came. Through a friend, she learned of an opening as a merchandiser with the American Greetings card company. As with all things she put her all into it and became quite successful. So much so she had to leave her beloved L-Club. She still did arts and crafts at home, but mostly as presents to family and friends. In September of 2014, she made a decision. She was going to learn to crochet. Using nothing more than YouTube videos and determination she learned to do it. A lot of trial and error but by October she got it and made her first blanket. Since then she has made hat, mittens, blankets, scarves and baby toys, many of which she has sold. Now living in Reading she is ready to take it to the next level by offering these handmade items on our Facebook and web page